Structures need a solid foundation that can be demonstrated to be adequately strong. We have been contributing to the quality assurance of construction materials and services since 1969. Commercial and professional independence, expertise, reliability and speed of response have made our laboratory a respected partner for public sector employers and private contractors nationally and internationally.

We have constantly broadened services from our original field of testing on asphalt, bitumen, soils and aggregates. Expert reports and pioneering research and development work in the recycling of materials and industrial by-products, and the assessment of environmental compatibility are among the services we offer today, which also include landfill monitoring and the certification and monitoring of waste disposal operations.
From our testing establishments at Wahlstedt and Schwerin (since 1990), our engineers, qualified technicians and laboratory assistants are always ready to assist you with all matters concerning materials testing and quality assurance.

Through our work in the committees of the German road and traffic research body “Forschungsgesellschaft für das Straßen- und Verkehrswesen” (FGSV), we contribute to the quality of specifications and guidelines. We see taking on young people for training as materials testers in our laboratories as part of our responsibilities to society. We are committed to fulfilling our obligations in this respect – knowledge needs to be passed onto others.